Michelle Aston Goth Christmas Lesbians

michelle aston is a wild goth

Christmas brings out all the odd stuff, and this set is no different. What makes this one so wild is that Michelle Aston started out as a very straight girl, and has slowly morphed into a wild goth sexual machine, check out her story:

Michelle Aston showcases an interesting spectrum of content showing the evolution of Michelle Aston from conservative MILF scientist to tattooed and dreadlocked pornstar. Her lusty sexuality and no limits kinky curiosity are sure to intrique. She is brainy, arty, dominant, hardcore, and ready to go the distance. Michelle has worked for a whole slew of both the biggest and the edgiest video companies and is honored as one Fleshbot’s top ten crush objects of the year.

She celebrates christmas in her own unique way, so sexy! Check out more of Michelle Aston here!